Improving Education in Cambodia

Hands Across the World is a not-for-profit organization working to improve education in Cambodia. By 2027, with the help of our generous supporters, we aim to provide quality education to 258,000 children at just $1.98 per child.


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Reach 2017 - 2019 


The Villages of Siem Reap

Behind the temples of Angkor Wat, Hands Across the World has brought positive impact to the rural communities of Siem Reap. From one small village to many villages, our small NGO organisation is motivated to help as many communities as we can. Between 2017-2019, HATW held 63 weeks of teacher training and reached 21 non governmental (NGO) schools.  

Peer Trained Teachers Increase Reach

Every ITTSR trainee is committed to the peer-teaching module, sharing the ITTSR knowledge with 5 teachers within their village or community school. HATW monitors reach by recording the average numbers of Khmer students taught by each trainee and peer trained teacher which is currently estimated at 60 students per teacher.

Each trainee is a ripple of education as information is passed from teacher to teacher - broadening the impact of the interactive teacher training program.

The peak of impact occurred in 2019 with a total of 116 peer trained teachers. Our impact and reach since 2017 is approximately 8559 students.



Future Growth


Impact in 2020

In 2020 our ITTSR and EPPS courses will train 35 teachers. Each of these teachers will share their knowledge with 5 of their peers meaning 135 teachers are upskilled and this will positively impact 10,000 school children! >> View 2020 impact

2021 - 2027

In the next 8 years we can positively impact the education of 258,000 school children through Interactive Teacher Training Siem Reap (ITTSR) and English in Public Primary Schools (EPPS). This will cost us $1.98 per child. The future growth and reach of our programs in Cambodia relies upon donations and sponsorship.


A New Collaboration

We are excited about our future as we extend our reach to public primary schools in Cambodia and collaborate with these great NGO's:


What I like about the Teacher Training Course is that this course provides teachers effective ways and ideas to teach, to engage students in the lesson and get to know learners [styles] and ourselves as teachers better. I liked lesson planning and classroom management a lot and I’ve been using these techniques since I have learnt [them]: it works really well.

Help more teachers like Sophea

Testimonials from Trainee Teachers



I was very lucky to get a place on the ITTSR training scheme for this year. As soon as I heard about the course I thought ‘I want it! I want to join it!’. The lead teacher, Alyson, has been such a mentor to me, in the future I want to be like her, natural and motivating, and very supportive to her students. She has lots of great techniques and I love her style. Her classes are productive and effective.


Empower teachers like Soury



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