Sponsor a Teacher


Change the life of someone who wants to teach because children need GREAT teachers!

How much will it cost?

Sponsor a teacher is a single donation of $500 (AU).

What will my donation provide?

Your kind donation will provide your teacher with:


  • an opportunity to attend the entire teacher training course (ITTSR)

  • a mentor (one of the course trainers),

  • course materials (e.g. coursebook, pen, paper, folders, USB and all in-class-necessities)

  • tuk tuk-rides to and from the course and/or bicycle,

  • nutrition throughout the course.

Why do kids need great teachers?

Great teachers improve the quality of education which helps keep children in school, improves learning outcomes and the prevention of human trafficking.

A Special Reward

As a way of saying THANKS for sponsoring a teacher in Cambodia you will receive:


  • a personal letter or video from the teachers whom you sponsor

  • an update after every term (3 terms) about his/her progress and assessment outcomes

  • our quarterly Newsletter to take part in our journey of empowering teachers marginalised communities

  • our annual report to keep you in the loop with HATW´s impact in developing countries

How can I donate?

Make a secure payment through paypal or your credit card - go to Sponsor a Teacher.  You can also donate via bank transfer or contact info@hatw.online to make other arrangements. 

Other ways you can help:



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