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The Issue:

24.9 Million People are
Victims of Forced Labour Globally

56% are from the Asia Pacific region
45% are men and boys
55% are women and girls
Many females are sex trafficking victims

The Asia Pacific region has the largest number of victims in forced labour.

Global figures above are estimated. The International Labour Organization, Report September 2017 - Global Estimates of Modern Slavery: Forced Labour and Forced Marriage

In Cambodia, one in ten children are engaged in child labour.


Cambodia still ranks lowest in Southeast Asia for the education dimension of the World Bank’s Knowledge Economy Index (12). 

Education Problem in Cambodia

The Education Problem In Cambodia

Poor School Systems

Cambodian public/government schools operate for a limited number of hours per day, there are not enough teachers in these schools and the quality of education is poor. The next generation of Cambodian people are trying to find opportunities to fill the gap of education by establishing their own community schools or seeking the help of NGO schools. Amazing initiatives are underway, but the quality of education is still lacking in school systems.


Families Living in Poverty

In Siem Reap half of the population lives in poverty, especially in rural communities where education is hard to access. This is due to education costs or sometimes the way to school can be long and dangerous especially during the monsoon season. Many children work to support their families instead of going to school. 

School Drop Out Rate

Approximately 60% of students are dropping out of schools in Siem Reap. Poor school systems and family reasons contribute to the high drop out rate. How can we help children in Cambodia?

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