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$55,000 educates 10,000 children for one year

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We encourage you, the philanthropist, the business leader, the entrepreneur, the visionary investor to support our organisation to make a difference to our world.


Education is the most effective tool for:

  • combating poverty

  • improving health

  • empowering undeserved communities

  • preventing human trafficking.


The barriers that prevent children in these communities from staying in school and thriving are numerous:

  • under-trained teachers

  • lack of academic resources

  • social and economic pressures to earn money or start a family.

All pose major challenges.


The Ripple Effect

Our teacher training program is designed to ensure community teachers have the guidance and resources they need, to make a sustainable change in their classrooms. The ripple effect of this program ensures that the children are staying in schools longer and can make informed choices in life.

Reach by 2027

​Our Interactive Teacher Training Program is having significant impact in the communities in Cambodia. With your support we can reach more than 258,000 children by 2027. Together we have the potential to vastly expand our positive footprint. 

Benefits for our Partners

Because we are proud to have you on our side, we will actively promote your logo and company values on our publication channels. That will also help with your company’s corporate social responsibility concept and employee satisfaction.


Visit ITTSR in Siem Reap

We invite you to visit the training (at your own costs) and take part in a day of a student. One of our skilled presenters can be arranged to speak to your team about Hands Across the World's mission, vision and the benefits of becoming a HATW partner. Want to know more? Contact us at

Other ways you can help ...

Provides a Khmer teaching assistant for entire program
A graduation ceremony
An entire teacher training course for 20 teachers

HATW aims to positively impact over 250,000 children between 2021 and 2027​

>> More about impact

Only with your kind donations can Hands Across the World give to communities in need.

Be part of the change. Every donation helps. 


~ Maya Angelou ~
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