Ammo is a social enterprise designing and producing innovative women and men’s jewelry in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Vocational apprenticeships and employment are provided to young, disadvantaged, and disabled Cambodians, in jewelry design, production, and marketing. Fairtrade principles are followed, and ongoing support is provided to staff, and they are encouraged to develop their own jewelry designs. 

Ammo is short for ammunition, and the artisans in the workshop recycle bullets that have been used for practice purposes only. Cambodia’s recent history is a strong presence to visitors in Cambodia, and the symbolism of these bullets still remains, but Ammo social enterprise transforms this negative metal into positive futures for the next generation, providing new livelihoods and sustainability.

For visitors to Siem Reap, Jewellery making classes are available at $32.00 per person or $18.00 per child (5+), where participants can try their hand at hand-stamping patterns, creating texture, and forming and finishing their own design in brass or bullets to take home on the day.

Ammo jewelry has many collections in brass, silver, and locally sourced semi-precious gemstones – and is sold at their workshop, in specialist outlets throughout Cambodia, and through export internationally to businesses that support fair trade and ethical principles.


Madeline Green is originally from the UK and has worked in design and jewelry making for over 20 years. She has a BA Hons in 3 Dimensional Design, in which she specialized in glassblowing and jewelry. She subsequently worked as a freelance jeweller for many years in Oxfordshire, UK.

On arrival in Cambodia, Madeline learned how to recycle bullets from local Cambodian jewelers in exchange for sharing her skills and knowledge from the UK. In 2013, she set up her own purpose-built workshop, to create a vocational training program, and provide employment to young or disadvantaged Cambodians. Ammo has trained eight young Cambodians to become jewellers (including three female jewelers), and the teaching responsibilities have now been handed over to her master jeweler. Four of their staff now also have their own collections of jewelry, selling locally and internationally. 

Madeline now primarily works on business development, special commissions for customers, and design consultancy work for local and international NGOs and commercial clients. Madeline is passionate about good design, ethical fashion, and sharing Cambodian craftsmanship with the world.

Ammo designs have been featured in a number of international publications such as The New York Times, The Telegraph, and The Australian, and locally with the Phnom Penh Post.

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