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Fundraiser 2021
Meet Anke Schlott!
In 2021 Anke plans to walk 1000km through the Thuringian Forrest to raise funds for HATW projects and the children of Cambodia.

"This is what I stand for and run as far as my feet can carry me to support this project. I am glad that you are part of it!"

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Fundraiser 2020
Meet Andreas Stroh!
Andreas plans to ride 100km on his handbike to raise funds for HATW and the children of Cambodia 

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Andreas' Story

Andreas Stroh is the ambassador in Germany for "Hands Across the World". With your support and motivation, Andreas wants to complete 100km on his handbike starting from Schwabhausen. Your donations will help the children of Cambodia to get a better and more sustainable school education through the projects of Hands Across the World.

"Children who get the chance to learn and be educated are able to change and influence the world around them in a positive way." ~ Andreas Stroh


Andreas had a serious traffic accident in December, 1990. At the age of 15 he had to endure a hospital stay of 3 years, even his secondary school leaving certificate could only be completed in the clinic. Due to the accident, he suffered incomplete paraplegia and became dependent on a wheelchair. In 1994 he finished training as a social security employee and has been working in the professional association since 1992. His limitations did not stop him and Andreas started handbiking in 2010.


Andreas is a happy person with positive energy, wit, and radiant goodness. Andreas not only  wants to support children who don't have many chances in their life, he also hopes to motivate others as well.

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~ Maya Angelou ~
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