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Transform Education By Volunteering

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Make a difference in developing countries

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Be part of an amazing team!

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Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart

~ Elizabeth Andrew

Become A Volunteer

We are always on the look out for like minded individuals and helping hands from across the globe. If you are interested in volunteering and the HATW charter values resonate with you, this is your opportunity to put your hand up to become a HATWee.


First Step - Be Educated

First and foremost you can educate yourself about the issue and become an advocate for the protection of children against human trafficking, forced labour and sexual exploitation.

It doesn’t always take money. Sometimes caring and speaking out about a problem is just as important! We can help you with that, you are not alone on your world-changing-volunteer-journey.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Our team strives to make the biggest positive impact possible; we need an A-Team. Do you have the drive, the determination, and the commitment to add this volunteering experience to your life and professional-skill-chart? 


​We encourage professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds to work with us depending on your interests and strengths.

We believe that all can contribute in their own unique way. Regardless of whether your professional background is in teaching, engineering, administration, management, humanitarian work or something totally different. What matters most is that you have the right attitude and approach, that you can hit the ground running and are committed to the goals of our work. Any special skills that contribute to these goals are highly regarded.


We ONLY work with volunteers who can provide a clean and current POLICE CLEARANCE.


Benefits For Volunteers
  • Gain vast amount of experience in fundraising, business strategy team work and organisational management with a growing NGO

  • Work with an experienced mentor

  • Written certificate of your work and contribution, as well as a reference from the CEO

  • Meet and work with our awesome team

  • Develop a greater sense of empathy and understand there’s a bigger picture

  • The opportunity to travel to visit our projects

  • Leave behind your story and feel good by giving


Tell Us About You

If you want to become a member of our great team as a volunteer, may that be for a short project or constant support role, submit your CV and cover letter, (underpinning what your motivation and skills are to apply for this position) to

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding volunteering with us drop us a quick "hi" at for an information pack!

"Investing in education and youth volunteers creates a foundation for a better future for everyone. Globally, we are part of the largest generation of youth in human history. There are 1.8 billion young people worldwide, a third of them are volunteering. Youth literacy has in general increased in the last 65 years (from 42 percent in 1960 to 86 percent in 2015). Despite this improvement, there are still substantial challenges ahead. Engaging youth and making education relevant, equitable and inclusive is a key factor ..."


"Young people transform education by volunteering. (n.d.). Retrieved June 01, 2020, from"

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