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Meet Sovanny and Thida!

We met Sovanny and Thida again on our most recent trip to Cambodia in April of 2023. The first time Cindy met them was in 2016 when they were still little girls. Now they have grown into determined young ladies and after sponsoring them for their first year of study of Accounting at The Cambodian University of Specialties (CUS), we have decided to continue with our Sponsorship Program.

thida and sovanny.jpeg

Sovanny (Left) and Thida (Right)

The Full Story

Sovanny and Thida's Uncle, Sopheak, who has been a solid support of HATW in Cambodia right from the beginning in 2013, reached out to HATW in search of financial aid for his two nieces to give them the freedom to work towards the better life their hardworking parents desperately want for them. Currently, to be able to send them money to help their daughters financially both families work 3 jobs in rural areas: rice farming, planting Cassava and raising pigs at their home. This was a help to the girls in their first year of study, but isn't enough to cover all of the costs of them living away from home and schooling. They work so hard because they don't want the next generation of their family to have to work as hard as they have and when both girls graduated from High School their families committed to doing whatever it took to be able to send them to Siem Reap to study. 

Even with the support form their families and the extra help from their Uncles, the girls are still unable to afford the current costs of living and paying for their study.

That's where you come in!

The cost for Sovanny and Thida's remaining College Tuition is as follows:

Year 2: $305 USD each

Year 3: $400 USD each

Year 4: $400 USD each

Sovanny & Family

Pictured left to right: Sovanny, her Mother Nhanh, her younger sister and her Father Poeurt.

Thida & Family

Pictured left to right: her youngest sister, her Father Ren, her Mother Im, Thida and her second youngest sister.

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