Interactive Teacher Training Siem Reap

ITTSR is a program for teachers from developing countries. Teachers learn quality teaching techniques.


Teachers of rural community schools with very little or no teaching education


To provide teacher training for one teacher per community school in the Siem Reap province


30 weeks, 3 x 10 modules with HATW curriculum. See more detail


15,000 children 
by end of 2020


ITTSR was developed in response to the need identified by various NGOs who work to improve learning outcomes for youths by supplementing government education with additional classes in English and other subjects. 


We train the teachers to implement quality teaching techniques in their classrooms and a sustainable outcome focus. These teachers then spread their skills and knowledge within their remote community schools to the children. Therefore these students have the chance to move away from the potential danger of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and human slave labour. As the students learn quicker, more effectively and with more interest, they have better chances and choices in the workforce.


Aims & Objectives of ITTSR

The aims and objectives of ITTSR are to;

  • Increase access to quality training for unqualified teachers that meets their needs

  • Improve teachers’ skills and knowledge appropriate to their students

  • Increase the use of child-friendly and participative teaching methods

  • Improve children’s positive views of teachers and teaching methods

  • Develop teachers’ practice for the better to improve their students’ learning outcomes.

  • Increase teachers’ access to resources and a peer network to continue developing their practice.​


We get to know you and visit you at your schools during the course to find out what your unique training needs are. We evaluate these needs and they are taken into consideration in this course. Through the ‘Interactive Teacher Training Course’ you will improve your teaching quality and therefore the quality of education in your village schools.
We train you to use quality teaching techniques that you can use in your classrooms. The skills you learn will directly impact the children in your community schools. You will also be trained on how to continue learning and developing as a teacher and sharing the knowledge that you have acquired to other teachers within your community.

Peer Teaching Module

The uniqueness of the ITTSR lies in the mandatory peer teaching module. The only way to reach almost all teachers in rural areas of developing countries is to work on the ripple effect. We educate a group of teachers who then go out and pass on their learnings to their colleagues in the country-side. The trainee-teachers participating in the course are recruited after certain parameters and need to show the willingness to lead their own team of teachers one day. These very special educators who desire to help their country-men/women and therefore comply with the peer teaching module with eagerness. In the ITTSR they learn how to pass on their knowledge so every teacher can be a wise drop in the pond of education 


According to the current ITTSR curriculum each trainee has the task to pass on their knowledge from the course to their peers every month for the duration of the course. Each teacher has on average 5 peer-teachers in their community-school. That means 20 trainees in the class will reach on average 100 other teachers who will then reach on average 1200 children altogether. The ITTSR trainer team frequently observes the classes of their trainees in the countryside, to be able to capture outcomes, conduct assessments and mentor their trainees.


Testimonials from trainee teachers

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The trainers are the leaders of the course.
ITTSR group work
The trainees in the course enjoy activity-based lectures
Trainees receive their first ITTSR curriculum
Every lesson has a warm-up exercise to lead into the topic
Lots of laughs in the classroom
Conducting the course with interaction and fun leads the trainees to do the same with their classes.
Fun while playing classroom games.
ITTSR Class of 2019
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Gallery - ITTSR Teacher Training

Thank you so much 
this training made a big difference to our school.


Sarah Venditti, Manager
Roubroum Center for Kids (NGO)



Testimonials from school leaders


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