English in Public Primary Schools

EPPS is an NGO Collaboration: HATW, The Angkor Tree Project, New Hope Cambodia, The Global Child, Caring for Cambo, Cambodia Community Dream Organisation


Teachers of public primary schools in Cambodia


Provide teacher training for one English Primary School Teacher per school in the Siem Reap province


30 weeks ongoing with Ministry of Education curriculum


3,000 children 
by end of 2020

About EPPS

Public primary schools are deemed to teach English for 2 hours a week to all students, starting from grade 4. That affects, in the province of Siem Reap only, a population of around 100.000 students (grades four and up of primary schools). Unfortunately, many schools cannot live up to this expectation, as there are hardly teachers able to speak English, not even to mention the ability to teach it.


The province of Siem Reap has over 500 primary schools, counting for over 5.000 staff. It is impossible to upscale the language proficiency and teaching skills of such amount of people in an overseeable time span.


The EPPS program builds English teaching capacity at school level rather than at the level of individual teachers. This means that in every school one (for large schools it may be two) teacher is trained and will teach English in grades 4, 5 and 6!

>> Aims & Objectives of EPPS

>> Future Growth of EPPS

Aims & Objectives of EPPS

Provide to every public primary school in Siem Reap province at least one English Teacher:

  • Who has a sufficient level of proficiency

  • Who had a teacher training adapted to the assignment

  • Using up-to-date manuals and methodologies

  • Using adequate technical tools

  • In good quality classrooms


The benefits for each participants are:

  • A professional and free in-service training that can easily be combined with professional duties and private life.

  • The trainees will receive a financial incentive, so their work is remunerated. This also helps to keep trainees ‘on board’ for the entire duration of the project.

  • The trainees will get access to (free) school materials of good quality (books, flashcards, audio- and video sources etc.)

  • The trainees will be in a privileged position when it comes to promotion.

  • When international trainees are available, the local trainees will be the first ones to be selected to co-teach.



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