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Past Fundraising Events


Schwabhausen, Germany


18. - 19. Juni 2022 

In the beautiful Drei-Gleichen area, at the foot of the Thüringen forest, Hands Across the World will participate at the Yoga Fest with a booth providing information about our projects and about the issues we address with our impact. We will also offer coffee, smoothies, cake and second hand clothes.

We are looking forward to meeting you all!

Schwabhausen, Germany


HATW participated in a Flea-market with a second hand kids sales-stall.

We had an outstanding day! It was a really successful event, were many families and specially kids left with a smile in their faces.

We also had a barbecue and we donated the remaining rolls to Bodelschwinghof girls for a picnic for the residents.

Here some photos...

Perth, Australia

What a fantastic fundraising night in Perth we had!!

Thankful hearts to our 51 guests, for your contribution and participation in our True and False Quiz between the tables, which brought out the competitive spirit. We had so much fun together!

Special mention to MyBayon staff, for their excellent service, and their delicious Cambodian menu. Without you this would not have been possible.

Thanks to the performers Shay Howard ( on vocals), Vince Austin (vocals and guitar) and Craig Wallace-Gibb (Clarinet).

And Thank you so much Bora for your presentation, delivering your personal story, bringing us together on this cause to help people in Cambodia.

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